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Flights into Corfu

You can fly into Corfu on most days of the week and from most airports in the UK. Many of these flights leave early enough in the day to connect with the regular boats leaving Corfu for Paxos each day. If the flight from your local airport leaves later in the day, or you prefer a later start, it is easy to stay in a hotel in Corfu Town overnight and continue the journey to Paxos the next day. Monday is the busiest day at Corfu airport and Friday the second busiest and the cost of flights can reflect that fact, with the price of mid-week flights often being lower. Travel à la carte tries to offer maximum flexibility of arrival and departure days, to allow for that fact.

Flying time to Corfu is between three and four hours, depending on the UK airport, and Greek time is two hours ahead of the UK.

Flights from London and the South

London Heathrow.  British Airways is currently the only airline to fly to Corfu from Heathrow.  Its flight operates daily from the end of April to the end of September. Only the Monday flight, which arrives at 16:35, should allow enough time to catch the 17:30 or 18:00 late Monday boat to Paxos.

London Gatwick offers the greatest number of flights to Corfu.

Between April and end of October, easyJet operates a daily flight to Corfu, leaving at 05:55 and landing in Corfu at 11:00 local time. On some days they also have a second flight in the afternoon. The other airlines flying to Corfu from Gatwick are the charter operators TUI and Thomas Cook, who operate flights from May to October. TUI has early morning flights on Monday, Thursday and Friday, though the Thursday flight lands at 13:10 or 14:10. Thomas Cook has early morning flights on Wednesdays and Fridays.

London Luton also has regular flights to Corfu. EasyJet operates up to five flights a week in the season, all of them early morning departures. TUI has a Friday flight at 06:00.

From London Stansted the main airline is Ryanair, which operates from three flights a week in early season to four flights per week in August, all afternoon and evening. TUI have a Friday flight which lands at 13:30 in Corfu.  Thomas Cook has a Stansted flight on Mondays at 06:20. Jet2 has afternoon flights on Mondays and Thursdays and a 08:00 flight on Sundays.

From Bournemouth, TUI have a Friday flight at 06:20.

Please note that while this flight information was correct at the time of posting, airlines may alter their schedules at any time.



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